Pure Harmony Pendant



Worried about the health impact of EMF’s?

Here’s one way to help get your mind and body back in balance.

The Pure Harmony Pendant is designed to resonate with the electromagnetic energy of our body. It works to rejuvenate our biophoton field which controls the biochemical and metabolic programs of the body.

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If you are like me you worry about the health impact of electromagnetic fields EMF’s. Electromagnetic fields are everywhere and they are compromised of electric and magnetic fields that travel together in an invisible wave form. They are generated in the vicinity of power lines, mobile phones, mobile phone towers, broadcast towers, WiFi, computers and digital devices.

It appears that the low frequency EMF’s can impact the electromagnetic systems in our bodies and burgeoning research shows that this may impact mitochondrial function. In turn this may impact our energy production, our metabolism and DNA repair processes. I discuss this further in related blogs and outline how this negative impact may also lead to a cascade of imbalances and disharmony through out our biophoton field. Disrupting our biochemistry, causing increased inflammation, oxidative stress, poor performance, and potentially chronic illness.The good news is that we are starting to see products emerge that either help protect us from EMF’s or mitigate or transform the potential negative health impact.

I had heard may health experts talk about the Pure Harmony pendents and read a great number of testimonials from users reporting that they could concentrate better, sleep more deeply and had less fatigue when wearing the pendents. So of course, I decided to try it myself and bought one for both my husband and I. Simon said that he noticed a massive difference in how he felt when making hands free calls in his car and when he was on his cell phone in general. I felt my concentration lifted dramatically when working on my computer and that I didn’t get the tightness around my head and ear when on my mobile.

Of course like many products and facets of health there isn’t a lot of research to support such claims as yet, and your best bet may just be to try it for yourself. Are you ready to see if these pendents help mitigate the effects of EMF’s?



  • Clarity/Focus
  • Aches/Pains
  • Alignment
  • Detoxification
  • Digestion
  • EMF
  • Energy
  • Fatigue
  • Inner
  • Metabolism
  • Peace
  • Performance
  • Protection
  • Recovery
  • Sleep
  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Stress


The Pure Harmony Pendant is designed to resonate with electromagnetic energy of our body and works to restore the natural core vibration of our body. It works to rejuvenate our biophoton field that controls all the biochemical and metabolic programs of the body, empowering the body’s own innate healing potential supporting the pathway to optimum health.


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