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Shipping Terms and Conditions*

Here at Well Adjusted, we endeavor to streamline our processes so you receive your orders promptly and at affordable cost. We have streamlined our shop from 3 separate shop portals into one more manageable and efficient setup. Once you choose your country/region, prices will be displayed based on the warehouse closest to your country. Although If you use a shipping address that is closer to a different region, the product pricing and shipping pricing will change to the currency that best fit your destination shipping address. (e.g. USA and Canada customers will be charged in USD, United Kingdom shipping addresses will be charged in GBP, Destinations in Europe will be charged in Euro, and countries not included in the previous two regions will be charged in AUD.)

Because we are centralizing the shop into one, a bug of the current system is that it displays available shipping methods from our other warehouses during every order. With this in mind, please note the following:

AU Post Shipping Calculator

AU post is the main shipping provider in Australia. Your order will ship from our Victoria warehouse if you choose this shipping method. Please note that a majority of our physical items only ship from Australia. These items include: BBB pillows, SIJ Stabilising Belts, Which Foods When Charts, DVDs, and other related books. Do not choose this shipping method if your item is in the USA or UK warehouse.

Also please do not choose Economy Sea Shipping if it is being offered as it has the highest rate of parcels being lost and it is not insured. We are not liable for any loss if you choose this shipping method for your order.

USPS Shipping Calculator

We send out orders from our California warehouse using any of the following available shipping couriers: USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Please note that if you choose this shipping method, your order will be sent out from the USA. This will apply only to products available in the US. If the product is not available in the USA, it will be shipped from Australia whenever possible. In cases where the customer accidentally chose the wrong shipping method, the customer will need to agree to pay for additional shipping cost or to refund their order.

UK Shipping Calculator

Orders using this shipping method will be shipped from the UK. If stock is not available in the UK, the items may be shipped from Australia at an additional or reduced cost. Any additional shipping charges in these cases will be paid for by the customer. The exception to this is when we run out of stock of the item available in the UK and the customer has already paid for the items in advance while it was still in stock, we will send you the item from Australia at no extra charge.

*Important note: Please Choose Shipping Methods Based On The Shipping Warehouse You Want The Item To Come From (i.e. If it is a product in the UK warehouse, please use Royal Mail shipping methods; If it is a product in our USA warehouse, choose USPS shipping methods; and if it is a product at our Australian warehouse, please choose AU post shipping methods.)

If you choose products that are available in different warehouses, you may end up having no available shipping methods for your cart products as their shipping methods conflict with each other. Please make sure all the products you are ordering are coming from a single warehouse. In cases where the product is available at different warehouses, please make separate orders for products grouped together by their origin warehouses.

If you have questions or concerns about shipping, please contact us at support@welladjusted.co or info@welladjusted.co

Paying Tax on Well Adjusted purchases

Many countries and jurisdictions around the world apply some type of tax on consumer purchases, including items bought on Well Adjusted (WA). Whether the tax is included in the listing price, added to your order total or charged at the border depends on the order price, the item’s location and your delivery address.

If additional tax is applicable on your WA purchase, you’ll usually see this indicated on the listing page. The confirmed tax amount will be shown on the checkout page before you pay.

Items sold from Australia

If the item’s located in Australia, the listing price is GST-inclusive(GST is 10%), where applicable. Sellers may not add GST to the final sale price after an item has sold. If you need a tax invoice showing the GST component for an item you bought, please contact Well Adjusted.

Items delivered overseas

If you’re having an order delivered to an address outside Australia, local consumer tax and/or customs duty may apply. Online marketplaces such as Well Adjusted may be responsible for collecting the tax, or the parcel’s recipient may need to pay these as part of clearing the parcel through customs.

While we’ve included basic information for some countries here, it is only intended as a guide and is by no means exhaustive. For more information, please check the local tax and customs regulations.

  • Items delivered to New Zealand : Goods and Services Tax (GST) is 15%
  • Items delivered to the US : Sales Tax is 8%
  • Items delivered to the UK : Value Added Tax (VAT) is 20%
  • Items delivered to EU countries : Value Added TAx (VAT) is 21%

Thank you very much for your custom!

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