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Feel-Good Stories from
the Heart of Chiropractic

“If you have been reluctant to personally try the benefits of Chiropractic, or if you know someone whose health you believe could be improved with this care, I urge you to read The Well-Adjusted Soul and then pass it on.”
—JACK CANFIELD, Co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul

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The Well Adjusted Soul was created by:
Fabrizio Mancini, DC (Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul), Gilles A. LaMarche, DC (Co-author, Chiropractic from the Heart) and Donald M. Dible, MS (Series Editor).

“These deeply-moving, patient-friendly stories reminded me once again of why I chose Chiropractic as my life’s work. Every Chiropractic patient should have a copy of The Well Adjusted Soul so they can tell their friends about the wonders of this amazing healing art.”—Patrick Gentempo, Jr., DC, Cofounder and CEO, Creating Wellness Alliance

Illustrating The Natural Approach to Optimal Health and Radiant Wellness!

Millions of people every year experience the benefits of Chiropractic’s natural approach to health and wellbeing. Science has shown that the human body is designed to function optimally, self regulate, and heal. This is the premise that Chiropractic adopted since its inception as a healthcare discipline in 1895.

In The Well Adjusted Soul, you will read real-life testimonials from those that have experienced Chiropractic first-hand — people who suffered and found no one to help them — people with serious health challenges and without hope until they discovered the wonderful effects of Chiropractic care. These people come from all walks of life: real people, sick and suffering, who share their journeys of health and recovery. Many had no idea what Chiropractic might bring to their lives, and most consulted a chiropractor as a last resort.

Chiropractic is a healthcare option that you may not yet have considered for your own wellbeing. Read these wonderful stories and discover what may be available for you and your loved ones. Know that we chiropractors are available to answer your questions, discuss the health challenges you may be experiencing, offer possible solutions, and provide hope for your health. Call a chiropractor today to schedule your initial consultation. We are here to
serve you and your family.

Well Adjusted Soul book

Partial Table of Contents:

  • Introduction by Jack Canfield, Co-creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul®
    Foreword by James L. Chestnut, BEd, MSc, DC, CCWP
  • Chapter 1. The Healing Power of Chiropractic
    — “Tack Room Adjustment” by Joe Dispenza, DC
    — “A Mother’s Story” by Polly Camp Kreitz
    — “Release from an Emotional Prison” by Frank Sovinsky, DC
    — “The Wiggles” by Cody J. Masek, DC
    — “It Wasn’t the Flu” by Richard J. Parenti, DC
  • Chapter 2. Paths to Chiropractic
    — “Breath of Life” by Andrew P. Hatch, DC
    — “Another Chance at Life” by Leigh Frisbee Lenz, DC
    — “Crohn’s Disease? Not Here!” by Brian O. Burns, DC
    — “From Nun to Chiropractor” by Barbara V. Thomas, DC
    — “Path to Chiropractic” by William Charles Hollensed, DC
    — “A Handshake, a Hug, and a Very Special Adjustment” by Gerard W. Clum, DC
  • Chapter 3. Proud to Serve the Profession
    — “The Day I’ll Never Forget” by William C. Remling, DC
    — “The Proudest Day of My Life” by Nema Rahmany, DC
    — “Touching Hearts and Minds” by Anastasia Line
    — “My Solemn Promise: I Will Try!” by Eric Russell, DC
    — “The Autistic Bicyclist” by Lisa Speaks and Kirtland J. Speaks, DC
    — “Sacred Mission” by Lori L. Krauss, DC
  • Chapter 4. Birth Trauma
    — “Hospital Rounds” by Tedd Koren, DC
    — “Chiropractic Saves Lives” by Chris W. Burfield
    — “Failure to Thrive” by John G. Watson, DC
    — “Little Baby Nolan” by Rose Lepien, DC
    — “A Strong Right Arm” by William C. Werner, DC
    — “The Jamie Clark Story” by Arno Burnier, DC
  • Chapter 5. Pediatric Wellness
    — “In Search of La Bella Vita (The Beautiful Life)” by Jessica-Crocker Idone
    — “Happiness Is a Little Heart” by Martin Furlong, DC
    — “Bright-Eyed, Sleepy Baby” by Dave Jensen, DC
    — “I Love You Mommy” by Susan D. Boerchers
    — “Good Tidings from Singapore” by Po Yin Chan
  • Chapter 6. Coping with Life’s Challenges
    — “Precious Julia” by Elisabeth Wiebe
    — “Blair’s New Report Card” by David B. Neubauer, DC
    — “Daddy, Daddy, I Love You!” by David Singer, DC
    — “Watch the Miracles” by Peter W. Kfoury, DC
    — “The Asthmatic Weatherman” by Leslie Kasanoff, DC
  • Chapter 7. Recovering Sight and Hearing
    — “Blind at Birth” by Laura S. Hattier
    — “Legible Handwriting and a Whole Lot More” by Carolyn Paletta
    — “A Life-Changing Event!” by Marsha Zack
    — “Amazing Side Effect” by Bill E. Hannouche, DC
    — “I Can See Clearly Now!” by Sheila Jackson
    — “Can You Hear Me Now?” by Tom Potisk, DC
  • Chapter 8. Patient Comeback Stories
    — “I Just Want to Walk Again!” by John F. Demartini, DC
    — “Firefighter: Every Kid’s Dream” by David Dinobile
    — “The Circle of Wellness: Rodney’s Story” by Daniel F. Lavanga, DC
    — “Margaret’s Story” by Tracy Kennedy-Shanks, DC
    — “No Work, No Play, and Too Many Trips to the Bathroom” by Jim Sigafoose, DC
  • Chapter 9. I Got My Life Back!
    — “The Hidden Power of a Chiropractic Adjustment” by Fabrizio Mancini, DC
    — “No More Migraines!” by Sandy Jacobs
    — “How I Discovered True Wellness” by Brandi MacDonald
    — “Disappearing Psoriasis” by Annick Fecteau
    — “Adult Onset Puberty” by Dorrin B. Rosenfeld, DC
  • Chapter 10. Surgery? Just Say No!
    — “Chiropractic Saved My Life” by Gilles A. LaMarche, DC
    — “Zzzzzzzzzzzzz!” by Jennifer Smith
    — “How I Avoided Neck Surgery” by Lori Dahl
    — “The Boy Who Touched My Heart” by Catherine Maloof, DC
    — “Scary Story with a Happy Ending” by James P. Powell, DC
  • Chapter 11. Chiropractic and Sports
    — “Teddi’s New ‘Favorite Thing to Do’ ” by Sandi Rosier
    — “One-Hundred and Twenty-Six Days” by Thomas L. Kroeger, II
    — “Beijing 2008 and the Well Adjusted Team” by Terry A. Schroeder, DC
    — “Passion for Speed!” by Joshua J. Wood (with Simon Floreani, DC)
  • Chapter 12. Chiropractic Tributes
    — “A Memory That Will Last a Lifetime” by Michael F. Hall, DC
    — “Paying Tribute to a Hero” by Steven J. Pollack, DC
    — “Bon Appétit” by Ray Pope, DC
    — “Lesley’s Story” by Christie MacDonald, DC
    — “My Father: The Chiropractor Who Helped Millions” by Kent Greenawalt
  • Chapter 13. The Golden Years
    — “The Healing of Three Generations” by Erik H. Norslien, DC
    — “Chiropractic First, Not Last” by Alan B. Carnathan, DC
    — “Mrs. Nasty becomes Mrs. Nice” by George B. Donnelly, DC
    — “Adam’s Apple: Front-and-Center” by Michael G. Staffen, DC
    — “Emma’s High-Flying Adjustment” by Carol LeBlanc, DC
    — “Horrors: Begone!” by Jeffrey Ptak, DC
  • Chapter 14. A Chiropractic Menagerie
    — “A Life-or-Death Adjustment” by Gene F. Giggleman, DVM
    — “The Cat Who Ate My Patient” by Tedd Koren, DC
    — “White Dandelion Puffs” by Cindy Conway, DC
    — “She Was a One-Eyed Possum with a Crooked Smile” by Susan W. Grey, MD
    — “Our ‘Endeering’ Experience” by Jeanne Ohm, DC
    — “Celebrate the Sky” by Julie Kaufman, DC

The Well Adjusted Soul

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