Which Foods When - Getting the Basics Right (eBook)



Discover the crucial steps to introducing foods to a baby/toddler, and how to avoid issues such as future food intollerances…

Please Note: This PDF eBook has been extracted from the full text (2nd Edition) of Well Adjusted Babies.

An infant’s digestive system is very porous and enzymes are neither plentiful nor efficient. A child’s future digestive capacity can be weakened by early exposure to poor food choices and common dietary allergens. The Which Foods When? booklet includes a handy wall-chart showing which foods to add to an infants diet, and when to add them.

Parents often have concerns about offering enough Calcium, Iron, Zinc and Brain Foods, so a list of nourishing food source recommendations for those specific requirements is also included.

Research has shown the powerful links between the immune, nervous and digestive systems. Our immunity is strengthened by keeping all of these systems well nourished. The Which Foods When? booklet includes Jennifer’s Top 7 tips for enhancing immunity.

Every time you go shopping use this chart to provide you with the most valuable information for the continuous health and wellness of your family and ensure every person who cares for your family has one on their fridge! (Please refer to chapters 22 & 23 of Well Adjusted Babies for further information on nutrition and dietary requirements.)


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