30% off - Well Adjusted Babies (8 copies) + Ticklish (8 copies)


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With This Combination Box, You Also Receive:
+ Talking TIC (PDF)
+ 10 Reasons Tear Pad
+ One pack of Which Foods When Brochures

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Here’s a recap on why people love these books

Well Adjusted Babies 2nd Edition—Complete Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, Babies & Beyond

has sold over 200,000 copies and is considered “the new parenting bible”, for parents. This Best-Seller offers the most unique collation of cutting-edge information and knowledge on holistic parenting — all in the one book.

This book supports you in practice by exploring important health topics saving you time researching and trying to supply patients with answers.

Practitioners around the globe swear that when you gift or sell this book to pregnant mothers it will build your practice and drive pregnant mothers and parents to your door.

This book is a no brainer practice builder .

Ticklish — New Ways to Help Your Child Learn, Love & Play

All parents are worried that their child is developmentally delayed or will face health challenges. Ticklish teaches parents how to engage with their child from day one to help them thrive neurologically, physically and emotionally. Ticklish is a tremendous resource for parents, teachers and practitioners.

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Availability: Available on backorder


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