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Talking ‘TIC – short for Talking Chiropractic, is a practitioner eBook outlining ways you can lead the conversation and build a better rapport with patients in your family practice. Written by Chiropractors Dr Simon Floreani and Jennifer Barham-Floreani, who collectively have over 40 years experience in family practice, this eBook answers common questions such as;

How can I best inform patients during their consult, so they get the most out of every adjustment with me?

What are some tips for working with young children, who may fuss or become distracted during their adjustment?

What reading material should I have in the practice?

What kind of ongoing support should I be providing for my patients?

How do I create the best environment for my patients?

How do I approach sensitive subjects?

… and more!

“Once you have moved through your preliminary education phase with your client, and they have grasped major concepts relating to the premise of chiropractic and what steps are involved to achieve their desired outcomes, it’s important to maintain the education process. Staying focused on the many golden opportunities that exist with each adjustment, allows us to help clients move to greater health and well being.”


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