Lunchbox Solutions


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Discover amazingly tasty superfood recipes and information for you and your family!
✔ Over 70 Tasty Super-healthy Recipes
✔ Healthy Lunch Ideas for Everyone
✔ Includes a Multitude of Free Resources
✔ All Recipes Gluten-Free!


Lunchbox Solutions in PDF and iBooks versions

Discover our delicious healthy recipes and fantastic ideas to nurture your family’s health in our new interactive multi-touch book.

Lunchbox Solutions is a new cookbook and health resource for parents written by Therese Kerr (mother of Miranda Kerr, proud grandmother of Flynn and GM of Kora Organics), Jennifer Barham-Floreani (International award winning chiropractor, best selling author and mother of four) and Chef Kate McAloon (Chef to numerous Hollywood stars).

Lunchbox Solutions is a world first ‘Multi-touch’ book that offers step-by-step recipes, informative videos, shopping list suggestions for easy pantry stocking solutions and loads of fantastic tips on how to vastly (and easily!) improve the health of you and your family.

Over 70 Tasty Super-healthy Recipes
Healthy Lunch Ideas for Everyone
Includes a Multitude of Free Resources
All Recipes Gluten-Free!

Purchase this Lunchbox Solutions PDF version (works on all platforms — PC/Mac/Mobile/iPad/Android/etc) and get the incredible new Multi-Touch iBook version (iPad Only — as shown in the video above) as a FREE BONUS! Both versions available for immediate download via your account and/or invoice email.

How to open this eBook

To download, either:
[1] download on your PC/Mac and drag the file into iTunes, then plug in your iPad and press the “sync” button in iTunes, or
[2] download from within an iPad (through the Safari browser) and then select the “open in iBooks” button after download has completed.

NOTE: Please ensure you have the iBooks application and the latest iPad software installed on your iPad before downloading this file.


“I just wanted to congratulate you on your latest masterpiece! I love everything I see and read. The information is brilliant and the photos are absolutely beautiful. The layout of the whole book is like eye candy!!! … I cant wait to whip up a few of the delicious recipes. Well done – I will certainly be recommending it.” —Julie Regan,

“Lunchbox solutions inspired and impressed me so much so that I read it cover to cover in the first sitting. The format of the iBook is particularly engaging; fast and highly effective in gathering the information that your require and/ answer questions as they arise without losing your place on the page. The depth of information at my finger tips was really impressive. I felt safe in the knowledge that the content had been gathered and developed from research, expertise and experience. The holistic content about health, wellbeing, child development and parenting was fabulous; well interwoven. Perhaps the greatest understanding that I gained was the realization of the interdependent role food plays in our relationships. From a curriculum perspective, Lunchbox Solutions inspired in me the resurrection of our school’s kitchen garden program. I was reminded of the value of taking children back to the beginning; to planting, caring, harvesting, cooking and sharing a meal. I was reminded of the importance of teaching children about food, our relationship with it and with the environment. This necessity, to place our holistic health and our dependence on a healthy earth, as the emphasis upon which to experientially learn care of self, care of others and care of the environment, is such an integral component of Montessori education. Thank you to Jen, Kate and Therese for this lesson, the children will benefit from it greatly.” —Emily Walsh, Head of School, Gisborne Montessori School

Purchase your copy of Lunchbox Solutions in PDF for Android and PC or in iBooks format for iPhone and iMac Today!


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